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  • How long until I get my order?
    We aim to dispatch your order within 2-5 working days. We only make small batches in order to maintain absolute quality and freshness of our products. Due to the huge demand for our products we may experience some delays in shipping your order to you however you will be fully informed of this and will be updated throughout the process.
  • How long until I notice a difference in my health?
    As with any new supplement, you'll need to give Consilium at least 3 months to start noticing any improvements. This gives the body time to start processing and absorbing all the active ingredients in our capsules. If you already take supplements that have all the active ingredients we use then you should carry on receiving the positive benefits, the plus side is you'll not need to spend as much money and you'll have more cupboard space!
  • Can I take other supplements and medication with Consilium?
    We always advise consulting your doctor before tasking any new supplement or medication. All our ingredients can be found on the about us page. Please print this off and take it to your health care professional if you are unsure.
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