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Consilium was created for people who are suffering or want to prevent chronic inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis. We believe Consilium is the one stop resolution compared to singular anti-inflammatory supplements. We took all our ingredients in a concentrated form and created a product that when taken regularly helps ease those aches and pains caused by years of hard work, hereditary conditions, and ageing. I know many people who suffer with inflammatory related joint pain, some have up to ten bottles taking up space on shelves or in cupboards. So, we created Consilium which in Latin this means resolution and we believe compared to traditional supplementation, we will help to resolve some of your aches and pains in a natural way.

Our experts source the finest ingredients from around the world.

  • Devils claw: Devil’s claw has been proposed as a potential remedy for inflammatory conditions because it contains plant compounds called iridoid glycosides, particularly harpagoside. In test-tube and animal studies, harpagoside has curbed inflammatory responses.

  • Sulphur: Protecting against cellular damage and oxidative stress,helping with synthesis of antioxidants, building and repairing DNA, maintaining nitrogen balance, supporting immune function, controlling inflammation, inhibiting certain harmful bacteria.

  • Boswellia: For osteoarthritis, asthma, diabetes, decrease swelling and increase the body's immune response and stroke.

  • Turmeric curcumin: Turmeric contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Most studies use turmeric extracts that are standardized to include large amounts of curcumin.

  • Chondroitin and glucosamine: Glucosamine and chondroitin protect cells called chondrocytes, which help maintain cartilage structure. In theory, these supplements have the potential to slow cartilage deterioration in the joints, and to reduce pain in the process.

  • Black pepper: Black pepper is used for successful absorption in our key anti-inflammatory ingredients.

No fillers or binders are used in Consilium, we believe in delivering pure ingredients that absorb into the body and get to work in the most natural way possible.


Say goodbye to the shelf load of bottles and pouches, say hello to a helpful resolution to joint pain.


David Longstride

Director at Consilium


Keith Charmers

Plumber for 45 years

“Three months in and I can tell 100% that I'm feeling better than I was before, more mobile and less pain, chuffed to bits! If anyone's sceptical I urge you give this a try, what have you got to lose really .”

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